Terms & Conditions


  • When a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment or other center-related reasons, both the registration and tuition fees are refunded in full.
  • Up to 2 weeks prior to your first class: Full refund minus $10.
    Within 2 weeks of your class start date: Full refund minus $20. 
  •  No refunds after the first week of classes. If there is a special circumstance, please contact our Center Director.
  • Registrations are non-transferable.
  • Make-ups can be scheduled online at www.itsgroovybaby.com under the "Make Up Scheduler" tab. Missed classes will not be credited or carried to the next semester.
  • I agree to waive Music Together® with It's Groovy Baby, and its staff and teachers, Music Together LLC, Beth Tfiloh Congregation, Beth El Congregation, Carroll Arts Council, Divinity Lutheran Evangelical Church, and Weinberg and their owners of all claim for personal injury or property damage that may arise from use of the facilities before, during, or after Music Together classes. I also accept responsibility for my safety and the safety of my children at the studio before, during, and after Music Together classes.



Music Parties:

We love helping our families celebrate a special occasion. Call or email to see what dates we have available. To hold a specific date and time, please send in a $100 non-refundable booking fee to It's Groovy Baby Music or call us with your credit card. This fee will go towards your birthday party fee. The balance of your party fee is due 7 days prior to the event date. In cases of inclement weather or any other reason where the client cancels and does not wish to reschedule, the $100 deposit will not be returned.   


Privacy Policy

We receive and store the information you enter on our website when you register. We also store information you provide when you contact us via email. We share some of the information you provide when you register with Music Together, LLC as required by our licensing agreement with MTLLC. This information includes:

  • your name
  • your mailing address
  • your phone number





Q. May I bring both my 3 year old and my 10 month old to class together?

A. Yes you may! Music Together® has a mixed age concept philosophy and is designed for children anywhere from birth up to 5 years old. We are about family music, and in a family we are not all the same age or the same size, but we can all have a musical experience together. Studies show that it is beneficial for the little ones to see what their older siblings can do, and that it is equally beneficial for the confidence of the older siblings to experience feeling a little like a role model themselves!

Q. What if I don’t sing well or in tune? Will my model of not being in tune be detrimental to my own child’s sense of pitch and musicality?

A. Good question! Even if you don’t sing particularly well, (and most people have the ability to sing better than they think they do!), your singing and participation is a key element in nurturing your child’s musical growth.

It is possible to teach anybody a skill. But only the people that we love and with whom we have an emotional bond can pass along the disposition to love to do something.



For those of us whose parents enjoyed and participated in making music, that disposition is passed along to us. Your child will absorb the music from class that you are playing at home and in the car and will also absorb the music while in class, where most people are singing right in tune. Your child will be able to develop a right sense of pitch from these.

Q. My child is very enthusiastic about the music at home, singing, moving, and having a ball! But when they come to class they are very shy. Why don’t they participate more in class?

A. We know that most of the children will do about a hundred times more at home than they do in class. That is very much the norm, and in fact shows how much they are learning! Most of us, even as adults, will do more in private than we will in public in front of our “peers”. Children are no different!

More importantly, class is where the children are taking everything in! They do this in a multi-layered way, through listening, through watching, through movement, by playing instruments and dancing or simply by being there and absorbing it at another level.
The most important actual participation in class is your own participation because you are their most important role model.
Then you will see at home how very much they are learning in class!

Q. Is my child too young to learn music?

A. Is your child too young to walk and to talk with? From the time children are born, they are immersed in the language of our culture. That is how they learn to talk. In Music Together we immerse children in the music of our culture. That is how they will learn to sing!

Q. What if my child doesn’t pay attention in class and roams around?

A. Do our children sit at rapt attention and study us and take notes on how we are walking and talking? Do we stop walking and talking because they don’t seem to be paying attention to us doing it and are roaming around while we do it?

Once again, our children absorb learning how to walk and talk from being immersed in the atmosphere of people who are walking and talking. It is the same natural and gradual process in Music Together, only with music. Additionally, each child has their own unique learning style. Some children are more visual learners, some learn more by listening, and some are kinesthetic learners. For those children who learn through movement, and it is just fine if they do so in class, just as long as it is safe behavior. In Music Together we encourage and acknowledge each child’s need to learn in their own way, at their own level, and at their own pace.